7:00 PM
 Cocktail Hour
 Mariachi Entertainment

Silent Auction Starts

8:00 PM
Dinner Served
Ballet Foclorico

8:30 PM
Ceremony, Induction and Welcome

9:00 PM

Silent Auction Concludes

12:00 PM

Caballero Sponsor

2020 Annual Charro Gala

Our Sponsors


Everything the Associación de Charros does is steeped in tradition.  One of these traditions is celebrating the passing of a term and the commencement of another.  Through the Gala, we induct our board of directors (odd years) and crown our new queen (even years) for two year terms.

Distinguished guests, such as royalty and presidents of other associations and Fiesta royalty are invited to join us in welcoming our new leaders. 

Tickets go on Sale September 1 below. Early bird rates available for children and adults.


Februrary 8,2020

San Antonio, TX


Coming from out of town?  Don't want to worry about driving?  Guests to our event can spend the night with a discounted rate!